Since 2017, the historic city of Yazd has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Yazd is the first ancient city in the world and is located in the center of Iran. This collection is defined by pearls along the coast of the Iranian desert. Yazd province, along with Fars and Isfahan provinces, is Iran’s golden tourist triangle. Yazd has unique Iranian architecture due to its desert environment and has been called the “city of wind collectors”, the city of quebradas -winds. To learn more about the world’s first monotheistic religion, one of the slogans of Zoroastrianism is: “Good thoughts, good words and good attitudes.”

What to do in Yazd:

The old city of Yazd

"Bakhsh Ghadimi Yazd"

One of the oldest human settlements on earth, the old city of Yazd is a combination of residential palaces and houses surrounded by high walls and winding alleyways, creating a labyrinth that seems unlikely without Find your way and explore every possible street and discover the whole hidden courtyards, beautiful wooden doors, photogenic spots and light piers that have made Yazd a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Zoroastrian fire temple of yazd

"Atashkade Zartoshtian"

Heart of Iranian Zoroastrianism, the Fire Temple is one of the most uninhabitable places in Yazd, where the flame would have been lit for 1,500 years. Zoroastrians have four sacred elements of nature, so the fire for life is inside the temple. In addition to being a tourist attraction in Yazd, this temple is still a place of worship for followers of ancient Zoroastrian beliefs.

Temple of Silence

"Borg-e Khamoushan"

The ancient cemetery of Zoroastrianism is where they used to put the bodies of their dead so that animals and weather conditions could play a role in the disintegration. For health reasons they are not used at this time, but can be visited and remain in the Zoroastrian religion.

Grand Mosque

"Grande Mesquita"

A real mix of 14th century Islamic architecture and art. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Yazd is definitely one of the most spectacular places in Iran. This mosque has a pair of minarets, the tallest of which is in Iran. The entrances and minarets are covered with attractive tiles, mostly blue. The inscriptions on the building’s wall date from the 15th century. The dome of this mosque is decorated with delicate mosaics. The symbol of the seal wheel (Chalipa) can be seen in the decorations of this mosque. These four elements represent water, wind, earth and fire, which represent birth, death, eternity and infinity. This represents the first beliefs of Iranians before they became Muslims. This mosque is also one of the best places to see the Iranian aqueduct with a small staircase in the main courtyard.

See a Heroism Presentation

"Show Zurkhaneh"

Iranian wrestling practice. Totally dedicated to Iran, Zurkhaneh works as a gym for practitioners of an ancient sport that uses music and wooden poles as a sport. Foreigners can stay as long as they like. Training takes about 5 hours every day. While men, old and young, are doing this exercise in front of you, bring a book and sit for hours listening to rhythmic singing and drumming. Women like the presence but do not participate.


Amir Chakhmak Complex

"Majmuea Amir Chakhmak"

Impressive, a feast for the eyes and with a fascinating history entangled with local life over the centuries, it is a photographers dream and best visited in soft afternoon light or at night when it is perfectly lit. It comprises a mosque, an Islamic school and the nearby bazaar, and is one of the must-see places in Yazd. Inside, there is a small bazaar to explore, but most locals prefer to sit around the villages. fountains at night chatting and enjoying the view of the imposing three-story facade. Right for the complex you will find the best candy shop in Baklava Town. Make sure the long queue won’t scare you.

Dowlat Abad Garden

"Bagh-e Dowlat Abad"

Home to the tallest wind catcher in Yazd (and Iran), it is an oasis in the middle of the desert. Typical Persian-style garden, Dowlat Abad was built around three hundred years ago and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in. Sit in your teahouse to relax and enjoy.

Yazd Gallery

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