O que fazer em Tabriz:

Tabriz Market

"Bazar Tabriz"

Tabriz is one of the most prominent places in Tabriz, where walking is a journey. The market is famous for the biggest market in the world and has many chambers, shipyards and landscapes. There are many stores in Tabriz, where every piece is dedicated to business and especially the carpet market is booming. The market for crystallized glass, expensive glasses and footwear shoes is one of the most sophisticated places in the market, which is not a pleasure to see. If you go to Tabriz market, visit Ticca Mozafriya, the highest roof and its large, colorful windows, the most beautiful part of Tehran’s market.

Qajar Museum

"Muse Qajar"

One of the most beautiful museums in Tabriz is the Qajar Museum. The Qajar Museum, which was formerly the home of Amir-Enzo Gurosi, was the political regiment of the Nazar-al-Din Shah era, has a beautiful mansion with a flower-filled yard and a trip to the Qajar period. The museum has different sectors, a hall for coins and money from the Qajar period, another hall for dishes and containers, a table for colored tiles, a weapon and a weapon, and a hall for instruments and other forums. The Qajar Museum is located in one of Tabriz’s old quarters, Shishgalan. A street that can be found in many old houses. The al-Sha’ra mausoleum, which houses more than 400 well-known Iranian poets, including Shahriar, Qatar and Asadi Tusi, is on this street.

Eli Goli Garden

"Bagh-e Eli Goli"

You can’t go to Tabriz and go to Elli’s flower garden or Shah’s pool. Eil Goli, one of the busiest and most popular tourist destinations in Tabriz, especially attracts many enthusiasts at night. This garden is in fact a palace located in the middle of a large underground islet. The original construction of the swimming pool dates back to the time of Mr. Kiyonlou, and was gradually completed in subsequent periods and became a form of modern production.

Mashrooteh House

"Khaneh Mashrooteh"

If you want to know where the constitutional constituencies’ decision-making place is, then you must go through the constitutional edifice. The place where the most prominent constitutional segments, including Sattar Khan, Bagherkhan, Sectahaslam Tabrizi, and Hajji Mirza Aghafrashi were brought together, is where the constitutional documents are kept. A house of stone, brick and clay, full of work and painting.

Blue Mosque

"Masjed Abi"

Tabriz has many mosques, but one of the most prominent is the Blue Mosque or the Jamshah Mosque. It is also famous for its turquoise turquoise. The Blue Mosque is the only remaining monument of the ruins of Qaraqoyunlu in its capital, Tabriz.

The beauty of this mosque is so great that, after centuries and the damage, all human beings are amazed and amazed. The most prominent feature of the Blue Mosque is its greater reputation due to the mosaic tile and the combination of bricks and tiles and the prolific artworks, both inside and outside it.

Aoan Ibn Ali Mountain

" Aramgah-e Aoan Ibn Ali "

If you are traveling on a trip to Tabriz, you should leave a prosperous day, our offer is a mountain boat or a lake. The capture cabin, which completes the second and third phases, becomes the longest trapdoor in the country, but it is now possible to ride in the first phase cabins through the lush mountains and see the mountainous nature of the surrounding area. At the second stop of the cable car, there are cafes and restaurants, and other attractions include the ostrich breeding area and the artificial waterfall. On the mountain of Aoun ibn Ali, a great deal is attributed to two of Ali’s sons (as) named Aoun ibn Ali and Zayd ibn Ali.

Municipal Museum

"Muse Azarbaijan Tabriz"

Another Tabriz camp, which can also be found around and visit its museum, is the clock square. The municipality square or the clock in front of the municipality of Palacio de Tabriz is known as the clock building. The Tabrizi are called to the square in front of the clock. The city’s mall has a temperature of 30.5 meters, which passes the passage of time for the people of Tabriz every 15 minutes. The building map is like a flying eagle, similar to German buildings before World War II. The only county museum in Iran includes old-fashioned camera rooms, rugs, contemporary art, clues and … located in the county palace. A visit to the mayor’s palace where the mayor and city council reside in some of their rooms is free. Next to this building is the fire department museum.

Tabriz Gallery

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