Kashan has 7,000 years of urbanization and is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, which plays an important role in Iran’s tourism industry. Some of the historians are considered the Kashan  as the first city in Iran and in the world. The tourist attractions and climate of this city, which has two mountainous regions, have made it one of Iran’s main habitats and the tradition of gardening and traditional ceremonial carpets.

Beautiful commercial houses, restrooms and mosques are among the most prominent places to visit. You can also find pieces of poetry, textiles and tile surfaces in this city. There are many things in this city, as souvenirs include textiles, rose water and rugs. In spring, especially in April, you can take a trip to this city to enjoy a fragrant flower.

What to do in Kashan:

Finn's garden

"Bagh-e Fin"

It has been listed as a World Heritage Site and the garden is considered to be the embodiment of the impressive Persian garden. The interior includes flowing water channels with a pavilion, dated 300 years ago, at the top. You can also see 500-year-old cedar trees inside the garden, as well as orange trees with fragrant blossoms in April.

There is a small bathroom (hamam) on the left, the place of the murderer of Amir Kabir (Iranian prime minister from 1848 to 1851). There is also a small museum called the Kashani National Museum on the opposite side of the garden. The museum contains exhibitions of textiles, ceramics and scripts.

Agha Borzog Mosque

"Masjed Agha Bozorg"

It has 4 floors and a patio that is on level -1. From the outside, it looks cool, and once you step inside, its beauty will amaze you.

Borujerdi House

"Khaneh Borujerdi"

It is a historic house in Kashan. it was built in 1857. It has two stories and includes traditional Persian residential architectural features, such as an Andarouni (interior), which was the private space used by women and servants, and a Birouni (exterior), which was the public precinct most used by men. The house has lamp-shaped and crescent-shaped wind towers, which gives its roof a unique appearance.

Tababaee's House

"Khaneh Tabatabaee"

It was built around 1880. This place consists of three parts; an indoor area with family members, the outdoor area for guests to have fun times and employee quarters. These three parts are situated around four courtyards. On a sunny day, rooms designed for mirrored walls have a fascinating view because of the bright color of sunlight.



It is a 1500 year old village and a beautiful valley lies east of the village. The structure of the village is such that it receives maximum sunlight to avoid winter hurricanes. In winter, the weather is cold, but in summer, it has a pleasant and cool climate. This site twisted villages with muddy houses with hammock windows and wooden verandas.

Photos of Kashan

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