Deserts of Iran

Lut Desert (Kavir-e Lut) is Iran's first natural item inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. If you plan to travel to this amazing area and see the sunshine in Kaluts, make sure there will always be a vacant place to stay!



Remains of the great Achaemenid Empire Persian Construction of Persepolis began in about 515 BC The first capital of the Empire founded by Great Cyrus, ceremonial capital of the Achaemenids, where Darius the Great welcomed officials and dignitaries from other countries.


Imam Square

listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Imam Square (Meidan Emam) is surrounded by the beautiful bazaar that served as a commercial center in the Middle Ages, when the city was an important stop along the Silk Road.



An image that few people can associate with Iran, are cities covered in snow! Imagine, then, ski resorts prepared for tourism. At least 5 months a year.

Top destinations


Capital of Iran


Nasir ol-Molk Mosque


Dowlat Abad Garden


Khaju Bridge


Heart of Iran (11 Days)

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