Culture and Art
As one of the oldest inhabited civilizations in the world, Iranian culture is enriched by centuries of tradition. Years of trade, conquest and invasion have created a distinct culture with countless influences from all sides, resulting in a primordial national identity and culture, rich in symbolism. Religion plays an important role in many aspects of Iranian society – legal and educational systems, dress, marriage, architecture, arts and media are affected. As Iran is an Islamic nation, visitors can expect to see the characteristics of Islam throughout Iranian territory; mosques, the call to prayer, strict dress codes and observance of Ramadan are the most easily discerned, although there is a complex web of rules, customs and traditions throughout the day.

Although Iran’s population is largely young and urban-centered, Persian’s rich artistic traditions are alive in contemporary Iran, with much of Iran’s elaborate architecture, cuisine, crafts and folk poetry having its origins in Iran. Ancient Persia. Iranian hospitality is world famous; Guests are often touched by the sincerity, courtesy and generosity of spirit of their Iranian hosts. Accepting tea and food is considered polite if offered, as is acting graciously and modestly when visiting someone’s home.

Photos of Art and Culture