Hotels in Iran

According to most visitors, Iran and its beauties are considered to be so charming and unique that they encourage visitors from all over the world to travel to this land. A country of four seasons where you walk around every corner, its wonders would fascinate you; From architectural masterpieces to walks in the lush forests of the Caspian region and even the pleasure of sleeping under starry desert skies, all sorts of landscapes have emerged that are nowhere to be seen.

Amidst all these surprises, Iranians are known for their hospitality and this has led to the creation of hospitable resorts and exceptional hotels to welcome travelers everywhere in Iran, hotels that reflect the unique art and architecture of this unique land.

Hospitality in Iran is as old as its civilization, but the hospitality industry in Iran is relatively new.

There are many types of hotels and homestays that suit your travel style and show various aspects of Iran.

Types of hotels in Iran

Let’s start talking about the different types of hotels in Iran by star. Star hotels is an international system, but some countries incorporate their own standards. For this reason, the concept of stars in Iran may be slightly different from the concept of stars in Europe, America, or other Asian countries.

Despite these differences, we can largely predict hotel amenities based on the number of stars. Star ratings are based on amenities and services provided to travelers, such as restaurants, swimming pools, views and room areas, facilities and suites, sporting services such as spa and sauna, staff interaction and fluency in multiple languages, free Internet and much more .

Let’s consider 5 and 4 star hotels in Iran

5 Star Hotels in Iran

The 5 star hotels in Iran are luxury accommodations that generally meet the world standard wherever they are. Everything about these hotels is luxurious and complete, from the luxurious view of the building and rooms to their services and facilities. Rooms and public spaces are usually decorated with valuable works of art.

There are also several shops and taxi services at the hotel. The number of rooms at the luxury hotel ranges from 100 to more. The 5-star hotels in Iran have a large, cozy lobby, lounges and rooms. The quality of the sleeping area is excellent, meaning the bed size is large or normal, as is the mattress quality and bed cleanliness at its best.

4 Star Hotels in Iran

4-star hotels in Iran offer less facilities than 5-star hotels, but their quality is far above average. Normally, in these hotels, luxurious and pleasant rooms are considered to entertain guests, the view from the hotel is beautiful, the lobby is elegant and comfortable, and the public spaces are beautifully designed.

The restaurant and cafeteria are of excellent quality and serve a varied menu. The hotel staff is trained, able to speak and enjoy several languages. Sports facilities at these hotels generally include a swimming pool, sauna, massage, gym and spa. 4-star hotels in Iran are sometimes priced the same as luxury hotels and sometimes cheaper.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels in Iran have characteristics that set them apart and make them attractive. This style of hotel is not very spacious, it is smaller than other hotels and has less than 100 rooms, making it easier to serve travelers. Of course, that doesn’t mean it has a small space, but it does show that they kept the hotel uncrowded and tourists feel comfortable ​​as if they were at home. This type of hotel does not have a large area and its facilities are acceptable and keep travelers happy with their adequate equipment.

Due to the small size, the atmosphere of a boutique hotel in Iran shouldn’t be disappointing, so we always try to design it in an attractive and impressive way. Charming colors and designs, charming decorations and special items such as kilims, sculptures, antiques, etc. are some of the things you will find in this boutique hotel and give you a feeling of pure tranquility. In these hotels, the color spectrum is of special importance and, by mixing the colors, a beautiful effect is given to the travelers’ eyes.